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It has been claimed that there are no secrets in science. This article has been written to prove that claim.

"Unifying theory of energy exchange"

Originally presented for open evaluation by
Reijo (Ray) Makela * Finlandia News, October 31, 1978.

Reprinted from Earthpulse Flashpoints, Series 1 Number 1

Not to my surprise in one country a magnetocariograph has been developed, based on "the long known fact that living cells develop a magnetic fields around them", in another country "a new cardiovascular risk factor has been found: decreased intracellular potassium" etc.

Since years I have presented to the highest medical authorities that cardiovascular diseases are due to decreased electromagnetic energy states of nerve and muscle cells in the myocardium. The a-v node is the main capacitor from where the excitation continues to contracting cells -- following known quantum mechanical laws. In this system the main factors are potassium-capacity (=intracellular K+ and its ratio to amino acids in cell membrane) and the wave length. One of the easiest ways to test the mineral/amino acid rate in the body is to check the state of human hair: there is a direct correlation between the amounts of minerals and amino acids in hair and in living cells and the amplitude of QRS-complex in the ECG. All these factors can be affected by changes in the components of EEG-waves from different parts of the brain. In studying these correlations one of the known methods is to use the Pointing vector - the radiated energy from a current element (=cell group) varies as the square of the frequency, the "ohmic loss" varies depending on the skin depth.

The following hypothesis was put forward to other scientists prior to 1978 who are assumed to understand my criterions:

The orbits of moving energy in Einstein's theory are straight paths through a curved space. To maintain a static universe with a finite number of particles it was necessary to suppose that the space have an inherent curvature existing even when there were no massive bodies (-energy) present.

According to Einstein the universe "started" with a radius of 1068 million lightyears and contained an amount of matter equal to that of 1.08 x 1022 suns, and the space is static, the universe a stable structure.

Observations and calculations have shown that all known nebulae are receding from the center of the galactic system with speeds proportional to their distances from us. (The speed of recession is about 105 miles a second for each million lightyears of distance - Sir James Jeans, 1960).

Einstein assumed that the curvature would be the same at every point of space and in every direction at each point - until the end of universe. Einstein assumed that this uniform curvature was measured by the "cosmical constant" which was associated with the static universe and thus with the static radius of the Earth. In Einstein's theory theory of the universe, past time is limited to finite period of approximately. 30,000 million years.

The "fact" that radioactive decay - in the clock - is faster at the center of a spinning plate than at the rim of it, is interpreted to confirm Einstein's theory: "the center is aging faster than the rim with every turn because the rim keeps time more slowly than the clock at the center". In other words, according to Einstein and his believers, the center of every revolving gramophone is aging faster than the rim. However, if we assume a space with no curvature, the volume of space lying within a distance r of a fixed point increases as r3 (In Einstein's theory the volume of space increases less rapidly than f3).

If the space is without curvature, then the average density of energy inside the orbit increases with the decreased radius more than was assumed by Einstein.

According to Einstein's relativistic equation of motion, the energy an electron must acquire due to action of an outside force is

W = mc2 [1/ [i-(v/c)2)-1] 1/2]

and thus the velocities greater than light are impossible. If Einstein's equations are correct, it will be impossible to detect any relative velocity of the ether, or the existence of it.

To test or explain the relativistic theory we are asked to use the principle of relativity itself with its constancy of velocity of light. We are accepting the "scientific" situation where a prioriargument is supported by a priorifact.

This same system of "scientific objective thinking" has led to a bad situation in medicine, where the course and results have changed their places; electric fields are assumed to exist without magnetic fields and thus cancer and cardiovascular diseases are "mysteries", which they are not, for a person who accepts the electromagnetic laws and quantum mechanics to be valid in living matter...

The experiment assumed to confirm Einstein's time/space theory shows, that what in the experiment was accepted as time as time, was in reality a measurement of energy. "Time" is a form of rotationally spiraling energy, which can be measured several ways: the accuracy of the energy (as time) depends on where we put the observer in the rotational spiraling system.

Radiation of energy from a rotating mass must also have rotational and spiraling energy, which with increased space increases its displacement from its own axis thus decreasing its speed from the source. The displacement of the rotating energy from its axis is the measurement of the curvature of the radiating energy. The radiating energies of different wavelengths are parts of the turns in the spirals whose tightness depends on the rotational speed of the energy source, on the distance of its emission point from the center in the original energy system and on the distance rotated in space.

Each spiraling rotational system can absorb parts or harmonics of the turns of the spirals equivalent to their own spiraling rotation in the opposite direction.

The opposite moving rotational systems are known as positive and negative charges. The radius of the turns of the rotational system in the coil and the distance between the turns of the coil depends on the distance between the source and observer and on the rotational energy of the source.

This theory assumes the existence of some kind of plasma in rest; the faster the spiraling energy moves in plasma, the more tight is the coil. Thus the energy volume of resting plasma inside of the rotating coil depends on the direction of rotational energy, on its displacement from its own directional axis (r a), on the radius of the turns in the coil (r b) and on the distance between the turns r b1and r b 2.

The presentation of this theory is hampered due to the lack of knowledge of accepted terminology in English as my native language is Finnish.

This theory is based on "philosophical facts" and on observations of the effects of rotating spiraling energy fields in living mass. These effects, which can partly be measured by quantum mechanical calculation, on the behavior of DNA and RNA molecules and on other measurable physiological phenomena, are actually considered to be "mysterious".

The review of literature shows, that Earth is expanding and absorbing energy from "somewhere". This theory implies, that Newton and Einstein were partly and basically wrong in their presentations:

- there is no "neutral" energy with gravitational force, but different forms of rotational spiraling systems, which can compound with each other. The old hypothesis that man and the universe are parts of the same energy system can be tested to be correct.

I have tested most of my claims concerning living cells and found them to be correct. Naturally my claims, findings, and tests have been rejected and will be rejected following the "accepted scientific systems". Instead of officially rejecting my findings, scientists who lack proper training in physics and electromagnetic effects on living systems, have ignored my information.

I hope that the receivers of this hypothesis will spend some time testing it before totally rejecting it. It could be, that the presentation of this hypothesis is not completely correct, however, the applications of this hypothesis give "expected results"...

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