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Seeking the New Sound


By Dr. Nick Begich, Munich, Germany October 29, 2003


Sound technologies and their effects on living things have been of great interest to me over the years. Whether looking at the effects of sound in the seas in the form of new and powerful sonars[1], or sound‘s effects on the human body, we have had a standing interest in how sound might be shaped or reformed in a way that creates positive effects in people. This article will introduce several new concepts in sound that will forever change the way we hear the world. We will be presenting new ideas and some old ideas through this information — some of the areas will prove perhaps a bit controversial. It is not our intention to assume that we have all of the answers in these areas because we do not. It is our hope that the article initiates a serious dialog among researchers and laypersons so that the facts can be uncovered and fully applied to future research. We invite the comments of readers as these technologies are advanced and disclosed because one thing is sure; the material you are about to read will change your view of sound forever.


The idea that sound effects living organisms in many different ways is clear to everyone as we consider the more obvious impacts of sound on people. In this article we will begin to explore a number of ideas associated with sound and its various interactions with human beings. Our explorations in sound over the last ten years has resulted in a significant breakthrough in holographic sound production and transfer that will likely revolutionize many fields that use sound in their functioning. I am pleased to have been associated over the last eight years with a most interesting group of people and set of circumstances that have led to new breakthroughs in science. More importantly, these advances are part of our effort to assist not only in the introduction of new technologies through the written word but, also, through the active development of the technology. This effort has been furthered by networking and connecting bright minds to one another in a way that creates new synergies for changing the direction that these technologies might otherwise go. The research effort and several new directions that have emerged from this initial work is even more exiting in its future potential. As we again rise to the challenge of providing strong research and clear explanations of technology we will be simultaneously introducing some of these technologies in very concrete ways - by provided the public the actual engineered hardware as the end result of the research.


In our development and reconstruction as an organization we have maintained our independence and are not influenced by outside individuals in any controlling way. We structured our publishing, research and technology efforts in a manner so that our support comes from the public through our written work and product development efforts. This approach keeps us focused on our real employers and supporters which is the public at large and not some uncaring corporate or government sponsor. Having experienced the highs and lows of this activity for a sustained period we are even more convinced that we have followed the right path and met each challenge with a measured response and a deliberate plan to move forward. We have lost a few friends along the way from untimely deaths, betrayals and the trials of normal life while emerging from all of this stronger and even more committed to creating change through good information and living technologies.


In all of this we have followed strict rules of conduct in terms of the basic research by holding the information dose as we develop the concepts and then moving quickly to disclose the information widely. This approach has been followed so that the technologies that we see as useful are brought to the public efficiently and economically while bypassing the industrial bureaucratic mechanisms that otherwise can delay advances for decades. This approach has been successful since we advanced our efforts initially in the early 1990s. We did so with a belief that we could use modern technology as a matrix to develop social change and help influence the direction of the research efforts of other inventors in ways that would serve humankind rather than incrementally destroy our planet and us. It is against this backdrop that we first took on some of the projects that have begun to impact technology in certain areas of military research, social and health sciences in the hope that some of the research could more appropriately be used to benefit humankind. This new sound technology and the understanding we sought to see how it might work on several levels resulted in discoveries that were not expected.


Basic Sound Concepts


Hearing is obviously the first thing we consider when we look at sound. A few further explanations are needed here in order to lay a foundation for the science discussed later with respect to sound. We will introduce new dimensions of sound, which alter our previous concepts of hearing and sound transfers that involve the use of the human ears and their associated physiological components eventually feeding auditory information to the brain.


First we will look at how hearing is understood to work today. Initially a sound wave in the form of words, music or noise originates from the vibrating voice box of a person, the vibration of a speaker membrane as it beats to the sound of music or from the vibration set up by the source of noise. All sources of sound are initially a vibration. Sound waves, or sound vibrations, can move through air or fluids easily but differently. Sound vibrations behave much differently in air than they do in fluids.

In 1822 Daniel Colloden used an underwater bell in an attempt to calculate the speed of sound in water in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. He was able to calculate the speed of sound in water at about a 4.5 times faster speeds than sound traveling in air (1530 meters per second verses 340 meters per second). A sound vibration is set up by a source and the sound wave moves through the air striking the human body where 99.97% of the energy is reflected off of the body and only .03% of the energy is absorbed into body tissues. In fluids the sound vibrations move much differently by first moving more rapidly and then in the way they transfer energy into the human body tissue. When sound vibrations are traveling in fluids, and they encounter animal or human tissue, 100% of the energy is transferred into the tissue almost the exact opposite of what happens with sound in air.


Going back for a moment to sound in the air, which is what affects us, everyday as we go through our regular routine. The sound wave traveling in air strikes the outer ear, which determines the direction, from which the sound was sent, and begins to reshape the sound wave and redirect it into the inner ear. The inner ear continues to shape the incoming energy wave and forwards the sound signal to the eardrum, which converts the sound wave back into a mechanical vibration. The eardrum is separated from three small bones by a fluid. The vibration of the sound wave then is transferred through the fluid to cause a vibration in three small bones. Remember the way sound vibrations transfer through tissue — 100% of the vibratory energy from the eardrum vibration is transferred through the fluids that separate the eardrum from the rest of the hearing system. The three small bones vibrate and further encode the information in a manner that eventually reaches the eighth cranial nerve. By the time the signal reaches the eighth cranial nerve several things have happened. The original sound vibration has been reshaped, condensed, reformed into a mechanical vibration, digitally coded by the hearing mechanism and then is transformed into a electromagnetic signal that moves through the nervous system to the brain. The brain then interprets and translates the incoming signal, and the information carried on the signal, into what we know arid understand as sound. This is the manner that science generally explains the way our hearing works on a mechanical or physical level.


A new way of transferring sound on a mechanical/electromagnetic level will be discussed in the following pages. This new method of sound transference electronically replicates the functions of the human ear by transforming a sound vibration into an encoded form that the energy System of the human body can couple with on an energetic level. The coupling of a person to the machine allows for the efficient transfer of sound information into the tissue and energy matrix of the receiving individual. Instead of the human ear being involved the sound wave is reconditioned and encoded so that when the brain receives the signal it understands it clearly and the user “hears“ the sound. But there are big differences. The sound sent to the receiving person through these unique circuits is “heard“ in the center of the head as if it originated there in the first place. The other significant difference is the majority of the sound energy is transferred from the vibratory source of the sound directly into the tissue of the person rather than the vast majority of the sound energy being reflected as it is when moving through the air and then hitting tissue. Further the preconditioned sound sent through this new device contains the right encoding to bypass the ear and be understood by the brain in the same manner we can understand music or speech when we perceive sounds normally.


The Emotional Dimension of Sound


When we consider the emotional effects of sound a much different perception of hearing and its relationship to being human takes form than the understanding of hearing gained only through mechanical knowledge. Yet both understandings should not be apart from one another as if they existed as separate phenomena. The mechanical effects of sound have a direct impact on the perceived world according to some of the latest and most controversial materials on sound and energy transfer. Some are even suggesting sound vibratory influences might even have a more direct impact on reality creation itself. The idea that words can create direct event shaping energies is quite remarkable in what seems is a scientific understanding that is in the early stages of being formed regarding consciousness. The idea that we may, by sound or even perhaps the spoken word, possesses the inherent creative capacity to interact with creation in a way that is quite profound. Modem quantum theory may even begin to explain the missing pieces of how our own energetic System interacts with multiple dimensions of reality. The new tools being developed in the area of sound seem to interact with this energetic system.


Considering sound on an emotional level is also something most of us know but do not give much thought too. For instance the way music makes us feel when the tones or notes are arranged in very specific ways causing some music to make us feel good while other music pulls us down. Everyone through our own living experiences understands the emotional considerations of music. Sound often acts as a trigger for loosening strong memories of associated events. Musical tones also create a great deal in the emotional part of our lives.


In science and many traditions of the world sound plays a large part whether it is the “big bang“ or the ideas in the creation story when creation opens with the words of the Creator, when it was said, “let there be light and so it was that there was light.“ The connection to the power of vibratory energy in the form of words/sounds on creation is interesting in the esoteric sense but may, in fact, be proven out in the light of new scientific understandings.


New Discoveries in Sound


Working since the late 1990s we have been involved in research that has yielded a new sound transfer technology we have called the Earthpulse Soundwave™. We have created a method for electric processing of sound, and more specifically converting sound through optical digital signal encoding for specialized sound transfer systems allowing for the original signal integrity to remain intact for the receiving human user[2].


In other words we have developed, in cooperation with others, a new System for hearing. This new system also encodes the sound signal using a pulsewidth modulator with other circuits in a way that converts a sound to a pulsed electron flow. This pulse modulated electron flow is then converted to a pulsed photon flow and then reconverted back to a pulsed flow of electrons that enters the human user delivering the information embedded in the pulsed code while the energetic exchange creates other effects.


The energetic exchange is in part connected to the energy transfer in the form of electrons and mechanical vibrations of the piezo-electric transducer. The energy is partially changed from a current flow of electrons to a pulsing mechanical vibrator when the transducers touch the skin and complete the circuit so electrons can flow through the energetic system of the body with the pulsewidth modulations (vibration spacing) providing the brain coded auditory information which is perceived as sound but providing many times the energy in the transfer itself. Further, the sound is carried by a square wave that in turn causes a resonance effect when it moves through water molecules. This additional fact of resonance (harmonic vibration) between the carrier wave and water molecules in the microtubules) is responsible for the efficient connectivity of the device to the human user — the energy is further modified and increased through the resonance effect (harmonic vibration) therein causing an impact on the microtubules within cells in the human body.


As with many inventions we have also made some unexpected discoveries that could not be initially explained through conventional science. Initially we did not know what to think about the reports we were getting when the devices began beta testing[3] in Europe. Like many researchers this caused us to seek answers and explanations for the phenomena. This also caused delays in the release of the technology as we sought to understand and be able to explain the full possibilities surrounding the technology. We consider the Earthpulse Soundwave™ a new type of sound system and an experimental instrument. There are a number of already established uses for the technology. There are also uses, which remain to be discovered and explained. We propose a few working theories within this text of both the mechanics and technical aspects of the technology and the experiential results of users and theoreticians. Our hope is that this work stimulates advances in the technology as well as an increased knowledge of the human interactions with sound.


Microtubules, Cells and Energy Exchanges


A little additional discussion is needed here in order to move forward with these concepts. Much of what appears in this section is from the ideas and descriptions of Dr. Stuart Hameroff, University of Arizona, published in “Quantum Computation in Brain Microtubules? The Penrose-Hameroff ‘Orch OR‘ Model of Consciousness.“ In this very stimulating paper Dr. Hameroff puts forward his ideas concerning a new theory of how human consciousness might be formed and influenced. Having read the paper I am impressed by the concise and clear language of the presentation of complex ideas.


In my past attempts to fully understand the implications of the microtubules, in conversations with Dr. Alexander Kaivarainen, formally Director of the USSR Academy of Science‘s Biophysics Department, I failed to see the full scope of the point. This was because of the complexity of his formulas regarding energy exchanges between vibrating piezo-electric transducers and the human body as this relates to the microtubules. Another leap in my understanding occurred when these ideas were considered in light of new proofs emerging from such institutions as Princeton University. Princeton researchers had recently disclosed the results of studies that demonstrate the capacity of mass human consciousness to be measured as it interacts with reality as a reality shaping force. The point for mc and for the reader is that these two sets of observations connect and also help provide at least a working theory for the unusual results being reported by users of the Earthpulse Soundwave™ during beta testing.


Only after the advent of modern microscopes and new chemicals for use in handling cellular specimens has it become possible to see the actual interior structures of cells. These recent breakthroughs led to the discovery of structures that had never been identified or explained. These structures helped fill in gaps in knowledge regarding the real cycle of life of the living cell and their regulatory processes. In understanding more about cells and how their metabolism actually works provided new insights into how energy interactions might impact living organisms and how intelligence and consciousness are created or connected to us as living beings.


Microtubules are structures that exist in human cells. These structures are self-assembling hollow crystalline cylinders whose walls are composed of hexagonal lattices of smaller subunit proteins called tubulin. A microtubule is twenty-five nanometers in diameter which is equal to 25/1,000,000,000th of a meter in diameter and is composed of thirteen rows of tubulin forming what looks like a hollowed out cob of com. Inside each tubulin, which look like a peanut in shape, there is a six sided hexagonal shaped structure and each tubulin has the ability to move within a narrow arch acting like a biological computer switch. Microtubules are responsible for a number of biological functions including cell movement, cell division, and for maintaining cell form and functions. In neurons, microtubules self assemble to extend axons and dendrites and form synaptic connections. They also help regulate the strength of these brain connections, which is thought to be responsible for leaming and cognitive functions.


Another interesting physical attribute of the microtubules construction is in the crystalline cylindrical lattice that has helical geometric pattems following the Fibonacci series (0,1,1,2,3,5,8...). This elegant series of numbers creates a geometric pattern that is associated with living things and other natural creations.


Another discovery about the tubulin is their ability to shift form and to act as a part of a quantum computer sharing both states simultaneously — on and off — if you will, at the same time. There is even now evolving theories that there may be yet other smaller structures within these that further increase the multidimensional possibilities of simultaneously existing in more dimensions than two. What was deduced in the first part of the paper on microtubules was that within the human being the best structures suited for quantum computation and objective thought or consciousness mechanisms are “proteins and most particularly the assemblies of proteins called microtubules.“ Independently it was determined that piezo-electric transducers, if modulated with the right waveforms and at the right frequency, an electromechanical signal is created that will pass from the surface of the conductive piezo-eclectic transducer to the human user. At this point the harmony between the carrier signal, the mechanical vibration, and an induced scalar signal is created in the fluids of the microtubules therein connecting the user of the Earthpulse Soundwave™ into the quantum computer of the human consciousness as now theorized by leading researchers.


In helping explain consciousness in terms of understanding of the on/off mode of computers much was missing. The first point was the number of possible computations under old models that were limited by the knowledge of the ceil structure. When we consider the greatly increased possible binary (on/off) functions we begin to see how consciousness and its multidimensional natural state would require a biological wiring structure that connect to the rest of creation and explain some of the connection. Again this appears to us the best working mode of how the new device might actually work and how it is thought to facilitate a coupling to what some, such as Rupert Sheldrake, are now calling the morphogenetic field. The morphogenetic field is the energy field theorized to exist that connects all living things. The field itself has never been measured directly as there are no tools for taking the measurement or fully understanding its nature as an energy field, information field, scalar, or some other, yet to be conceived, type of source event. What has been measured are the secondary effects of human consciousness interacting with reality formation such as the work at Princeton.


In my own view of the theories I would like to propose another idea about how scalar energy events might also be stimulated in consideration of some of the observations regarding again the microtubules. An additional observation of the tubulin it was determined that pre-conscious processing of information formed over a 25 millisecond rise time that then instantly collapsed forming what is referred to as a conscious experience or “now” event as information is created. The instant collapse I suggest induces a scalar event which is different that a vector event. Let me explain simply. A vector is created when energy such as a radio signal leaves an antenna — it has a space-time relationship to movement from point to point associated with a vector. The energy moves from one place to another over some interval of time with vectors. Scalars on the other hand operate in a much different way and not a lot is published about them. Scalars are energy appearances that simultaneously materialize at the same time and are not restrained by time or space considerations. What is interesting about scalars is that communication without time delay can occur between points when they are in resonance. It is thought by leading edge researchers today that scalar principles underlie many of the complex Operations of the human creature in terms of consciousness and energy transfers through the body. Scalars make sense in helping explain the speed of information transfers through the bioelectric networks of the human body.


Another important point to consider is the 25 millisecond rise time and subsequent instant collapse of the system, as an attribute of the quantum Computer, which has the effect of setting up a basic oscillation in the human brain of 40 Hz (vibrations per second). This may turn out to be the pulse rate of human consciousness. This also establishes an overall oscillation of 40 Hz as the outward expression of the internal compilation of the events within the microtubules as they relate to the rest of the brain mass. Moreover, the nature of the “instant collapse“ has the effect of precluding any backward motion in the function of the tubulins as the “now“ events are experienced forming the actual conscious information. What this does is give us the sense of moving forward in time in a “stream of consciousness.“


Early Discoveries and History


Gillis Patrick Flanagan was granted two patents (3,393,279 and 3,647,970) for specialized sound transfer devices. These devices were created in the 1960s and early 1970s and would allow for a sound, such as a voice or music, to be transferred through a unique circuit and then transferred through the human body to the brain where the sound could be heard. These early devices were referred to as Neurophones® but were never significantly marketed and today would not likely be allowed because of their effect on other electronic systems and because they interfere with radio frequency signals of various kinds.


Beginning in the mid-1990s and continuing until today Flanagan introduced several variations of these earlier inventions that significantly lowered the power levels and the way the energy was transferred to the human body. He also altered the transducer design from an insulated capacitor-like transducer to one that made direct contact with the skin by way of electrically conductive surfaces. In designing these devices Flanagan used sound originating from any standard sound System including, stereos, tape players, CD players, radios and computers.


The sound input devices were connected to a circuit where the sound waveform was converted to a constant amplitude square wave in which the transitions between the amplitude extremes are spaced so as to carry the sound information (US Patent 3,393,279 and 3,647,970). What this did is basically set up a special carrier (the square wave) and by use of a pulsewidth modulator and a special encoding circuit Flanagan was able to create a signal that could be introduced to the human body and understood by the brain correctly as sound. You could hear the sound of music and words in the head. On the output side of these innovative circuits a Set of piezo-electric transducers with electrically conductive surfaces made direct contact with the human body. This kind of transducer takes the modulated encoded sound signal, which is by this point an electromagnetic signal that causes the material that makes up the transducer to vibrate to the electromagnetic signal created by the device. Remember how sound travels in tissue, 100% is absorbed when traveling in fluids. When the vibrating transducer is placed on the skin it transfers a significant amount of the energy into tissue particularly when a little water is applied to the surface of the transducer prior to placement on the skin. When the Flanagan circuit was operational it worked but the signal was highly distorted and unclear yet there were profound reports of speed leaming, focused energy, increased memory efficiency, a general feeling of well being, balanced acupuncture meridians and hearing for some very limited segments of the hearing impaired population.


In the mid- 1990s I authored a biography on the life of the inventor Patrick Flanagan and I funded the first production run of the first generation of the new Flanagan device known as the Flanagan Thinkman Neurophone™. We sold about 95% of the world supply of this device to specialized users and encouraged Flanagan to advance the technology in its many applications. Inventors, although they are creative, have their own set of unusual habits and Flanagan turned out to be a shinning example of this fact. As the markets developed and opportunities to engage in research advances materialized Flanagan proved inefficient and distracted by his growing bizarre personal habits, which dominated his life at the time. This caused many problems in production, quality control, advanced research needs and other business complications. By 1998 things were at a standstill and the production problems were creating difficulties for our organization at one point almost ending our work entirely.


In 1998 Gael Flanagan, Patrick‘s wife, died suddenly and mysteriously with the Medical Examiner‘s Report indicating she may have been murdered. This was a second blow to our work and began the end of our working relationship with Patrick Flanagan. In the most difficult times in life I think we learn the most about our friends and ourselves. This experience was no different and we believed, as has been confined by our living experience, that all things work together for good when we seek to serve higher purposes. By the end of 2000 the problems associated with Flanagan resulted in our personal loss of everything through a bankruptcy and caused the complete rebuilding of Earthpulse Press Incorporated our publishing and research company. During this time no effort was wasted and we began to build on the technologies that had been long neglected by Flanagan.


The original ideas of Flanagan still remained interesting even though his patents had long since expired and changes in technology since the early 1970s made many of his ideas no longer practical there was still something there worth considering. Flanagan had failed to stay current with electronics and the related emerging technologies. The old science relating to electronic components and assembly had reached totally different levels by 2000 and a new look by fresh minds was in order. The technology changes in three decades were as profound as those of the previous one hundred years and Flanagan was lost in his own history.

I have made twelve trips to Europe since 1994 and have attended dozens of science conferences and other scientific gatherings where I have had the opportunity to meet some of the best traditional scientists and mavericks in the world. One of these I met in Helsinki in 1997 while meeting with researchers there. I was working on weapons technology issues in several European countries at that time. Dr. Alexander Kaivarainen was one of these very interesting individuals. He had been the Director of the Biophysics lab of the USSR Academy of Science for ten years during the Soviet era and considered one of the finest biophysicists in the world. Dr. Kaivarainen stayed with me for six weeks in Alaska after completing a six-week stay with Flanagan. During this time he completed his paper on the effects of piezo-electric transducers on microtubules using pulsewidth modulated square wave signals as a carrier for information that is comprehended in the auditory portions of the brain.

In about 1999, I began cooperating with Robert Thiedemann who was focused on making several improvements in the old Flanagan technology. These improvements included new circuit designs for sound signal processing as well as a number of other innovations that would improve the signal quality and more efficiently and safely deliver the electrons in the context of the electromechanically induced current and vibrations. In the process of investigation, through his colleagues‘ cooperation, a number of specialists in signal processing, amplification, micro engineering, electronics design, energy transfer systems and other fields were engaged and retained, to carry out the ideas of the inventor.


In attempting to create solutions to the safety issue it was found that inductive transformers would not work. The issue of customer safety, while maintaining signal quality, became the central problem as several alternatives were explored. In 2002 the inventor finalized the designs into a new circuit, which specifically included an optical coupler, which would serve as the separation link in the circuit. This separation link isolates the human user from both the power supply and the sound input device and its power source of the specialized sound technology that requires conductive transducers make contact with the human user[4].


It is here that the essence of the result is captured simply - signal   quality is maintained while converting the modulated electrons to pulsed photons and then back to modulated electrons, which eventually flow, into the human user while transferring the modulated sound efficiently. The most common placement and recommended placement of the transducers is the human head, which is why safety is a significant issue.


Resolving this problem led to new considerations in the signal processing part of the circuit design. After eight prototypes a final design was arrived at which provides the Optimum transfer of electrons, vibrational energy and pulsewidth modulated square waves to carry the information to the brain without distortion or interference. The new technology required over 170 individual components to solve the technical and safety problems and in so doing significantly improved effects that began to be immediately reported. The new device delivers clear crisp sound and can be integrated as currently designed with other audio equipment creating a three-dimensional holographic sound that changes what one expects and demands in musical transmission forever. The sound dimension is as dramatic as mono is from stereo. Holographic sound is the next step in virtual reality and all headset based sound systems. There are numerous other applications and uses we will be exploring as we seek to see this technology integrated across communications industries.


The End of the Trail and the New Path


As I sit here just a bit south of Munich in the home and office of my good friends and fellow researchers Robert Thiedemann and Sabine Fechner I look back on the trail that has led to this new path of research and discovery. These two individuals were responsible for the basic research and expert coordination of the European specialists who contributed to these efforts. The device is an interesting one sure to have a few surprises along the way. At the present time the main experimental uses have been defined as follows:


1.                  The devices are being used for behavior modification, language studies, speed learning and essentially absorbing whatever can be heard by introducing the information into the brain in a manner that bypasses normal information filters. This effect occurs because while the sound is being delivered the brain resonates as a single body of energy vibrating in harmony — the brain‘s most efficient state.

2.                  The Earthpulse Soundwave™ is being used to create highly relaxed states by using geometrically engineered sound signals. These sound signals have a direct mathematical relationship to the underlying structure of microtubules. The Fibonacci series (0, 1, 1,2,3, 5,8...) applies to all living things, is embedded in the fundamental shape of many galaxies and shows up throughout nature. Delivering these geometrically shaped sounds on a CD developed for the new device seems to have a profound effect on our sense of well being and overall energy. Our working theory is that the signal shaping of the carrier, as a pulsewidth modulated square wave, effects certain aspects of the microtubules based on the resonance relationships and efficient energy transfer resulting from mathematically corresponding structures.

3.                  Awakening anomalous brain functions and opening consciousness is another area drawing a good deal of attention with beta-testers of the Earthpulse Soundwave™. Telepathy and significant increases in intuition have been reported by several users as well as other altered states of consciousness reach more rapidly using systems designed for enhancing brain activities based on sound engineering. Hemi-Sync® is the series of programs recommended for reaching these states as well as software being developed through our publisher Earthpulse Press.

4.                  The whole concept of connecting to the morphogenetic field that is postulated to exist and connects all things in creation is an interesting concept. Some believe that the Earthpulse Soundwave™ is a beginning point of entry into this field where universal information is stored and every possibility that can be conceived can be achieved in some dimension. At this point it is known in science that all things are connected by energy transfers of many forms. These forms are still being discovered and defined and yet there are, behind all these forms, certain reoccurring themes that are expressed in mathematical relationships and pattems. These patterns appear to be guided by unseen hands as they arise out of the essence of creation and seeming chaos to create the most beautiful and coherent patterns of energy. The reports are intensely embraced by the users of this technology making the reports so we shall see how these things move forward as the theories give way to the actual principles.

5.                  The device has been used for balancing acupuncture meridians by stimulating the energetic System of the body while using the device in any of the experimental uses described. This appears to be a side effect from normal use.

6.                  Many are reporting that the device counters the effects of electro smog on persons sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

7.                  For use in the sound industry in creating fully dimensionalized sound that gives an interior holographic effect that improves the overall listening experience dramatically for average listeners.

8.                  For research into the attributes of human hearing for addressing the problems of hearing impaired persons with various levels and types of hearing losses in order to design improved hearing devices.

9.                  There may be applications in underwater sonar or communication systems because of the way the energy is propagated through fluids. Sound could be further coded and then decoded in a manner that would allow speech for instance to pass through seawater with ease and be reassembled by receivers on deeply submerged submarines. Such a System would use very little power theoretically to travel great distances perhaps avoiding the problems of modern high-powered experimental sonar.

10.              For use in the development of covert sound transfer systems that can only be perceived by the person in touch with the electrically conductive surfaces of the transducers.




We are still developing our working theories on this new technology based on experimental results and the reports of our quickly growing network of users. In addition we often meet others or read the work being advanced in parallel fields that help develop the clues to resolving the technical, operational and ultimately lend themselves to solutions for many problems. The Earthpulse Soundwave™ users are both laypersons and professionals and all are contributing meaningfully to our work through their independent experiments and experiences. Several fields of science and the communications industries are using these devices and beginning to report results. We are excited already about what bas been discovered and know the best is yet to come.


During this same period of research on the Earthpulse Soundwave™ we began to explore the whole idea of energy exchanges by way of donated electrons entering the human body through the machine. The ways this is otherwise accomplished is through chemical processes that because of modern diets and lifestyles are increasingly negatively affected. The result is that there simply is not enough of the right energy available in the right form to increase the energy of the body to its appropriately strong energetic state. We know when we are there and what contributes to our downfall — stress, poor diet, over work — basically a lack of energy.


We began to explore super foods and dietary supplements that could be used for efficiently donating electrons to the human System and greatly assist the body in reconnecting to its energetic flow. The connection between energy and humankind is at all levels. The results of this research is being formulated for production and will be available soon adding to the mix of solutions to interesting issues we are pursuing these days.


The recreation of the balance is the key to full and successful living. The idea of bringing into production these new technologies with the expressed purpose of helping ourselves and others reach higher potentials is what this work has always been about. We look forward to the work what this research brings in the future and will continue to report on our findings and developments.


Brief Description of the Drawing


This block drawing is to illustrate the basic functions created by the components of the new Earthpulse Soundwave™. The below narrative explains the major functions in the context of user safety which was used in our design process for the new device.


The block diagram in Fig.1 is intended to graphically illustrate the positioning of the optical coupler in a manner that creates a Separation of a human user (Figure 1, 1, Human User) from the originating power sources whether they be from the sound input device (Figure 1, A, Power Supply) or from the power source of the specialized sound transfer devices (Figure 1, H, Power Supply).


Figure 1, B, Audio Input is the graphic illustration of the sound input device, which is connected to the power supply (Figure 1, A, Power Supply). The audio input device is then connected to the first part of the specialized sound transfer circuit (Figure 1, C, Signal Encoding). This is the part of the circuit where the inputted audio signal is encoded on a square wave in preparation for being transferred to a human. Once the signal is encoded the electrical impulses are routed through pulsewidth modulator (Figure 1, D, PWM Modulator) where the signal is further modified before it is routed through the optical coupler (Figure 1, E, Optical Coupler) where they are converted from an electrical signal to an optical signal and then back to an electrical signal. The optical signal creates the separation between the power source of the audio input device and the rest of the specialized sound transfer circuit that eventually connects to a human user. When the optical signal is converted back to an electrical signal it is further processed and amplified (Figure 1, F, Signal Amplifier). Once the signal is properly amplified it is sent as an electrical impulse carried on a modulated square wave to the transducers (Figure 1, 1, Transducers), which are no longer insulated in modern designs therein giving rise to the issue of human safety. The transducers are connected to the human user via direct contact with the skin by uninsulated electrically conductive surfaces of the two transducers.


As a further note, the power input (Figure 1, H, Power Supply II) which transfers power from an AC source and eventually to the specialized sound transfer circuit which also requires a fusible link or separation in its design. Power Supply II provides power to the signal encoding section of the specialized sound transfer device (Figure 1, C, Signal Encoding). The signal is encoded and the electrical impulses are routed through pulsewidth modulator (Figure 1, D, PWM Modulator) where the signal is further modified before it is routed through the optical coupler (Figure 1, E, Optical Coupler) where the signal is converted from an electrical signal to an optical signal and then back to an electrical signal. The optical signal creates the separation between the power source of the audio input device. The signal then moves on to the signal amplifier (Figure 1, F, Signal Amplifier) to the transducers (Figure 1, 1, Transducers) and then the human user.


An additional fusible link is built into the specialized sound circuit where energy moves from the Power Supply (Figure 1, II, Power Supply) to a DC/DC converter (Figure 1, G, DC/DC Converter) which serves as an additional fusible link to the specialized sound systems power supply as a part of its design. From the DC/DC converter (Figure 1, G, DC/DC Converter) power is transferred to energize the signal amplifier (Figure 1, F, Signal Amplifier), which then sends the modulated signals through the transducers (Figure 1, 1, Transducers) to the human user.


[1] Earth Rising II— The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul; Earthpulse Press, Inc., Alaska, USA, 2003.


[2] We have a utility patent pending on this innovation with the United States Patent and Trademark Office all rights are reserved on this innovation among others.

[3] Beta testing involved selling the first 5o units on a trial basis in order to gather performance information on the circuit. Two issues were of concern primarily - physical construction and functional performance. The results confirmed our understandings and allowed for final adjustments to the construction of the device. None of the units were returned except for mechanical adjustment at the end of the testing period.

[4] We have a utility patent pending on this innovation with the United States Patent and Trademark Office all nights are reserved on this innovation among others.

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