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Natural Earth Volume 1, Book Cover

Natural Earth
The English Standard Reference on Herbal Substances
Volume I: The Herbal Center of Healing

by Gary Lockhart

Natural Earth; The English Standard Reference on Herbal Substances, Volume I: The Herbal center of healing is the first book in a five part series. Earthpulse Press is pleased to bring this series forward. It is the most complete herbal reference of its kind in the English language. These books have been compiled for both the trained health practitioner and the lay person as a single reference source. The author has also paid special close attention to the collection of bibliographic information at the end of each volume.

This is the largest collection of information on herbal substances since Li Shi Chien published the Pents'oa in 1586. The "Great Herbal" has been the Chinese standard of scholarship and information for over four centuries. Natural Earth: The English Standard Reference on Herbal Substances may well prove to be the English equivalent of its Chinese forerunner.

This encyclopedic work by Gary Lockhart is based on over twenty-two years of research in traditional healing substances. The author and chronicler of Natural Earth has incorporated material from not only scientific literature but also from traditional sources. The tales and science presented in the pages of each volume bring to life a subject which transcends the ages. From ancient traditional herbs - to a modern pharmacology - the subject is explored and presented for ease of reference and understandability. Sourcing documents from the Library of Congress, Stanford and over 40 other research and university libraries the author has organized the most useful set of reference materials assembeled to date.

ISBN: 0-890693-02-2

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