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Thought Stream USB
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Price: $99.00
Thought Stream USB System

We are pleased to offer a USB version of our popular ThoughtStream system. With ThoughtStream you can learn how to:

  • Enhance your Mindfulness Meditation Training
  • Cultivate relaxed to highly focused states of mind body integration
  • Tune your ability to pay close attention to selected tasks
  • Stay calm in difficult or stressful situations
  • Achieve sustained states of Zen-like mental clarity

ThoughtStream USB employs three forms of feedback:
Visual. The front panel display starts out all red, your goal is to turn it all green.

  • Auditory. Use the included headphones, and learn to lower the pitch of the melodic sound.
  • Computer. Connect the ThoughtStream USB to your Windows PC, and use the free ThoughtStream Interface software to graph your sessions, and compare multiple sessions to see how you have been progressing.

System includes: control console, headphones, USB cable, manual, carry case and warranty card. Requires 3xAA alkaline cells, not included. Software may be downloaded from The ThoughtStream Personal Biofeedback System is intended for use as a tool for enhancing consciousness, promoting relaxation, mindfulness and personal growth. It not intended for use as medical diagnostic or therapeutic devices, and no medical claims of any sort are made.

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