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Controlling the Human Mind

This is the Century of the brain and the mind. The technologies that have advanced, under cover of secrecy and national security, now have the power to either enslave us or free us to our higher potentials. These technologies will impact our consciousness itself and as a result require an invigorated public debate, in the light of day. At the same time, there is hope and great possibility in these areas of science.

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ESP Induction - Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis 
The protocols detailed in this book have been tested and found reliable in increasing intuition or guessing ability by up to 400% above an individual's initial levels. The book introduces basic information on self-hypnosis as a tool for enhancing our often latent intuitive capability.
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Supplements Package - Special Offer Full Spectrum Elements™

Limited period special offer! Package consists of...

     •    Full Spectrum Elements™
     •    First Elements™
     •    Eighth Element™

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Full Spectrum Elements™
• Powerful synergistic immune-enhancing effects
• Combines over 200 rich heteropolysacdchaides
• Supports vitality and improved athletic performance
• Promotes a healthy digestive system
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Dietary Supplements – Earthpulse Nanotronic Nutrients™
First Elements™
• Proprietary Silica Hydride that outperforms similar Silica Hydride products
• Unique Nanotronic colloidal carrier system line called Earthpulse Nanotronic Nutrients™
• Engineered in Germany to replicate the reported health-sustaining attributes of Hunza water
• Boosting both physical capacity and mental clarity
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Eighth Element™
• Increase Stamina and Endurance
• Proven to Increase Cellular Energy
• Increase ATP Production
• Increase Oxygen Absorption
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ThoughtStream USB Pointer-Plus

We are pleased to offer a USB version of our popular ThoughtStream system. With ThoughtStream you can learn how to

•    Enhance your Mindfulness Meditation Training
•    Stay calm in difficult or stressful situations
•    Achieve sustained states of Zen-like mental clarity
•    Tune your ability to pay close attention to selected tasks
•    Cultivate relaxed to highly focused states of mind body integration

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First locate the acupuncture point and then send in the signal - never miss the point! A complete clinic in your hands. Modern, hand held, 6.5" long unit offers sensitive acupuncture point or trigger point location and stimulation. Location and stimulation are independently adjusted with two separate control dials. The pulse frequency is fixed at 10 Hz (recognized in Germany and Japan as the most useful treatment frequency).

A flashing light and sound indicate when point detection is made. The spring activated detection probe allows a uniform pressure when searching. The grounding circuit is made by holding the metal plate on the side of the unit or with the hand grounding pole. Accessories include 2 probe tips (ear 0.7" and body 0.16"), hand grounding pole with attached wire, 9 volt battery, carrying case, and instructions.

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The Earth Rising Series: New on DVD
A compelling and informative exploration of some of today's most important topics. Narrated and Produced by Dr. Nick Begich
  •  Vol 1 - Technologies of the 21st Century
  •  Vol 2 - Mind Control
  •  Vol 3 - HAARP: The Update
  •  Vol 4 - Earth Changes: The Ripple Effect
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$20.00 USD ea. | $35.00 USD for 2 incl. shipping (U.S. and Canada)
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$20.00 USD ea. | $35.00 USD for 2 incl. shipping (U.S. and Canada)
Mind / Brain Enhancing Technologies

Our new Sirius is the best value for the money of any light sound machine on the market today. This device replaces and upgrades the Orion It includes a number of features normally found in machines costing two or more times as much.

Price: $129.00 USD
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Price: $189.00 USD
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The PROTEUS™ is a revolutionary light & sound product that combines innovative BiColor™ stimulation technology. Developed with the serious experimenter in mind, Proteus includes a host of powerful programming capabilities.

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Alpha-Trainer / Antenseฎ Biofeedback Anti-Tension Device

The Alpha-Trainer / Antense® anti-tension biofeedback device is a simple yet effective way to eliminate stress by helping you develop a greater sense of body awareness while in the comfort of your own home. Optimal for personal health and fitness. Using the scientifically proven principles of biofeedback, Antenseฎ makes you aware of how stress changes your body and how to better control these changes. Your body indicates its stress level by muscle contractions in the forehead, neck and scalp. Using space age patented technology, Antenseฎ measures these contractions and instantly converts the signal into a pleasant tone-pitch proportional to the level of muscle tension in your body. By listening in on the tension in your body you can control the pitch using the tone as a guide.

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