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A New Source of Electrical Energy

by Jeane Manning

Reprinted from Earthpulse Flashpoints, Series 1 Number 1.

Respected physicists are asking if we can put a new "fire of the gods" to practical work. Emerging evidence says yes, we can tap into the unlimited energy teeming in space all around us.

Picture countless invisible submicroscopic whirlpools in space. Randomly they flicker in and out of view. Physicists describe these movements as a "quantum foam" of incredible levels of power. One scientist says there is enough of this energy in an empty light bulb to boil the world's oceans.

A tiny share of this invisible energy of space would solve the world's energy problems. Why aren't we dipping into it?

Unknown to the public, lone inventors scattered throughout the past century have done it. They dipped a metaphorical paddle wheel into the river of space energy, and their strange electrical devices ran with little or no input from any visible source. Were they breaking Laws of science, of did their devices line up the invisible vibrations of background space and make that energy do useful work?

Early Stages Of New Tech

Most of the inventions are in crude form. But so were all early prototypes that proved a new technology. Wilbur and Orville Wright were just a couple of guys who repaired bicycles; they didn't know all the dogma that said it was impossible to fly something heavier than air. But in 1903 they flew crude. Instead of fame and financial rewards, they ran into a wall of troubles - ranging from the indifference and scorn of academia, ridicule in the press, to opposition from vested-interest powers behind the scenes, and even violence.

In future issues of this newsletter we will get more specific about the who and what of today's search for abundant clean energy.

Maverick physicists say the ancient idea of an aether is being rediscovered under another name - zero-point energy. It is the source for a seemingly unlimited power.

There is a history to such far out ideas - back in the nineteenth century, Nikola Tesla said someday we will hook our machines to wheel works of nature.

Tesla lit up his laboratory with electric vacuum lamps unplugged from any apparent source of electricity. He knew that electrical vibrations from his "tesla coils" were making a force field that affected the lamps. In 1899 he experimented with this effect on a giant scale in Colorado, then he built a transmitting tower on Long Island, New York, intending to send free power to people everywhere on the planet. All they would have had to do was stick an antenna in the ground. However, wealthy bankers such as J. Pierpont Morgan had already bought copper mines in anticipation of a power monopoly. They had no intention of allowing him to broadcast "free energy".

Regardless of what happened in the past, today a growing number of scientists are certain we could tap into an ubiquitous energy to power our homes, factories, cars and flight vehicles.

What is this fuel of the Gods? Harold Puthoff and other physicists use the words of an academic - "the quantum fluctuations of the 'vacuum' of space". Meanwhile others call it simply "space energy". Whatever the source's name, use of free electrical energy could change the power structure in an oil-based world economy. We could change to abundant, clean power. Will that change be gradual or fast? No one knows, but growth of the computer industry gives us a hint. However, the coming energy-technology change is even bigger than the information revolution. The energy revolution could rescue a national economy which pays nearly a trillion dollars per year for its energy costs. An energy changeover could also rescue suffering ecosystems.

You don't need images of burning oil wells in Kuwait, Mexico City's smog and Chernobyl's nuclear reactor to calculate the cost of oil worldwide. By eventually replacing fossil fuels and nuclear power plants, the coming energy revolution could save life on Earth as we know it!

Who Are These Guys?

The energy pioneers range from lone inventors to well-connected scientists, and are located in garage workshops and hi-tech laboratories. In North America, they get no government money for revolutionary energy inventions. Eastern countries are more ready to hear about a subtle energy that is found in surrounding space and everywhere. Eastern mysticism recognizes that a subtle energy called "prana" or "chi" is in and around living bodies, so why not in space?

The energy revolutionaries are scattered around the world. For example, from India, I met a dignified scientist, Pamamamsa Tewari, Ph.D. An irony hits us - his day job is project director for a nuclear power project. In his spare time, Tewari builds a space-power electrical generator out of new powerful magnets. It is the size of an average household appliance, and his measurements say it puts out more power than it takes to run it.

How can Tewari get away with using the power plant's facilities? He says his boss recognizes the need for alternatives. In New Delhi, the Director General for a power producers' association, Harry Dhual, told me that the population of India will reach a billion about the same time that rapid development takes place. The planet cannot bear the pollution burden of a billion more cars belching pollutants. And if the continent dams its rivers for hydropower, ecosystems will die.

Japan has neither large unexploited rivers nor oil wells, so that country's government welcomes revolutionary energy technology. Some of the innovators work in government-subsidized laboratories.

If the change to low-cost abundant clean power is not welcomed by power lobbies in our country, it will slip over the U.S. borders as imported technology from Japan.

I believe that the major news media are missing an event that will reverberate throughout history longer than the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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