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On the Trail Towards New Science

by Dr. Nick Begich

At the end of January and the beginning of February, 1997 a trip through Europe was arranged for myself and my friend, Dr. Patrick Flanagan. The purpose of the trip was to promote our issues in new science and politics while learning about the work of others in Europe. A great deal is happening around the world and there is much promise on the horizon.

We began the trip in New York speaking with others interested in health sciences. Our first meeting was with Sara Shannon, author of a book called Diet for the Atomic Age. This book is one of the finest dealing with the subject of low level radiation exposures; in fact, it is the best book on the subject I have read. It describes the background radiations we are exposed to in daily life. It also describes what can be done to avoid the dangerous effects of long term exposure to higher than normal levels of radiation. The book describes foods which help eliminate radioactive toxins that concentrate in the body and also describes foods to avoid.

Sara offered us a RadalertTM to take with us on our journey through Europe. The device was easy to use, requiring only setting two switches to get a count. We found significant differences in the background radiation of each area visited. Some were well within the limits of safe exposures while other areas were approaching or exceeding safety levels. It was interesting to note the differences and contemplate what could be accomplished with a few thousand such devices monitoring the activities of every "risk facility" in the country and around the world. It would be interesting to see the correlations which could be made between energy producing facilities. The effects on our immune systems and our general health could also be considered. Both the book and the RadalertTM are being added to the products offered by Earthpulse Press.

Our next meeting in New York was with Dr. Joseph Carozza, M.D. He has been investigating alternative and natural healing technologies for use in the United States. He has a strong interest in new technologies with a particular interest in learning more about the merits of electromagnetic healing systems. Dr. Carozza introduced us to Emanuel Revici, M.D., a scientist who has spent a good deal of his life involved in advancing the understanding of disease causes and their elimination through balanced body chemistry. His pioneering work is being applied to evolving concepts in electromedicine. Dr. Revici has been recognized for his work by the American Foundation for Cancer Research and the Institute for Applied Biology. We hope to publish more on this most accomplished individual in the future in the hope of connecting his ideas with others around the world.

Dr. Carozza's interests are shared by others we are in touch with through our work, such as Dr. Reijo Mäkelä and Dr. Anu Mäkelä. We are hoping to see medical practitioners in the United States trained in the Mäkelä method of electro-laser therapy. This method has been successful in arresting and reversing the growth of certain cancers by effecting them electromagnetically. The method has been applied to Parkinson's, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, M.S. and other ills otherwise thought to be incurable. Part of our emphasis has been bringing forward and connecting new ideas in science, health and politics. To this end our trip was off to good beginnings.

Our next stop was Amsterdam for a day of rest and adjustment to the eleven-hour time difference from Alaska and the nine-hour difference from Patrick's home in Arizona.

The following day, we were off to Brussels to meet with our friends in the European Parliament on the HAARP issue. Our first stop was to make contact with research staff and members of the Parliament who were interested in HAARP and related issues. Our primary contact was Tom Spencer a member from Great Britain who had just become the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Mr. Spencer had been in contact with us on HAARP for over a year. He was supportive in his interest in the issue and was preparing to advance proposals in this regard.

The results of the meetings in Brussels was the commitment to move forward a resolution in opposition to the HAARP project and, perhaps, opposing the entire direction these new electromagnetic weapons systems were taking. These new systems represent the beginning of another arms race. This is a race which we can avoid if we act now by eliminating the use of weapon systems most would agree are not necessary.

Over the last three years, since the HAARP research was initiated, a good deal has come our way regarding the direction of the military in advancing new technology. We maintain our belief that a strong military is vital at this time for all of the obvious reasons. However, the world has changed, and the way in which warfare is likely to be waged has changed as well. The issue now is what is the appropriate direction for the military? What are the real resources which can be reoriented? What are reasonable expectations for these resources in terms of contributions to our existence on the planet? The issue of reallocation of intellectual capital, the intelligence of many of our best minds, is the overriding issue. To reallocate the intellectual capital of nations may hold the key to much human progress. Is now the time?

The use of these new technologies is creating some discussion in terms of the real intent of military planners. These planners are giving the illusion of change to a more peaceful world while continuing to develop more efficient killing systems. The problem with many of these new weapon development programs is that they exploit new knowledge about human physiology by destroying human life, or significantly degrading it, rather than using this knowledge to build better healing systems. The knowledge being gained by the military in human interactions with electromagnetic energy may hold the keys to much of the advancement possibilities in medicine. An important part of the debate on these new systems centers on the need to breakdown barriers in the scientific secrecy cabal. These barriers are hampering the future development of new health systems and food growing systems. The need for real research energy to be redirected is the greatest cost of our past "cold war thinking." Disclosure of what has already been learned in health and agriculture (now the most pressing world- wide problems facing us) is needed now.

It is no longer the greater threat of war which places the world at risk. It is the threat of failure to reorient much of our scientific research into improving the human condition rather than sustaining a status quo which otherwise will continue to decay. The issue in all of this is the trillions of dollars being spent to develop new systems which can influence human health, behavior and activity in a way which transfers too much power to governments. The transfer of power fails to hold safeguards necessary to keep government accountable. Real science, in the end, should benefit mankind generally rather than empowering people in power with better systems to control populations.

It was back to Amsterdam after Brussels and, in a bit of wandering around, we found one of the few businesses oriented to new brain technologies. Ard Qualm, the owner of Wide Minds, was a committed traveler on the road to awakening people to their higher potentials of mind. He was enthusiastic about many of the technologies he was involved in. In his assortment of technology we saw many familiar systems. He had Super Learning systems, light and sound devices, numerous audio programs, books and other technologies neatly arranged in the small shop. We demonstrated Dr. Flanagan's NeurophoneTM and left some materials for Mr. Qualm. We heard from him a few days later in Munich. T hrough his interest and effort, we expect to collaborate on bringing some of the technology we are coming in contact with to Amsterdam.

There is a great deal o interest in Europe about methods to increase human potential. There has always been a strong focus on the physical body. Today, there is emerging a greater general interest in enhancing the mind. The interest in mental enhancement for many people has been lost in mysticism and confused facts. This is changing. Many existing and new technologies are being refined and advanced. These new technologies offer much promise to us all. These are systems for creating almost immediate relaxation, accelerated learning systems, behavior modification systems, technologies designed to awaken otherwise difficult to reach mental states and methods for increasing general mental performance. Some of these technologies are now being applied to the correction of many problems without the use of drugs. Such things as attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, and concentration or creative enìergy can be released with these technologies. Some continue to hold onto their mysticism, resenting the new technology as a short path which does not carry with it the discipline of otherwise rigorous training. The new technology fills a basic need to advance and explore our individual potentials without the trappings of philosophical dogma. It is for this reason that these technologies continue to interest so many. We will be covering many of these in future issues of Flashpoints.

The next stop was to Helsinki to meet with friends, media and other researchers. The first meeting was with Dr. Anu Mäkelä, Ph.D.,M.D. (M.A.) who is advancing the work of her father while at the same time coming into her own as a research scientist. She has been working with food preservation technologies which hold great promise. In the days we were in Helsinki she put forward her first patent application and was working ‚on gaining an additional research grant to further her endeavors. She has found a way to irradiate food with amplified light emissions allowing for the preservation of food without refrigeration. The interesting thing about this research is that the food is hit with the light in a frequency range which does not effect the food but resonates with the microorganisms, molds, and fungi in such a way as to destroy them while leaving the food unharmed and free of decay. We were able to look at two month old meat, dairy, and other samples which were treated and left in sealed containers at room temperature. Red meats remained free of decay and milk samples were similar with a very nice cream separation in the test tubes. This research holds much promise for the transportation of food and preservation of its quality. If food can be preserved without freezing or cooking at high temperatures the quality of the food is also enhanced. Th‡e idea that food preservation can be achieved for very limited costs is revolutionary for obvious economic and ecological reasons. We are hopeful that Dr. Mäkelä will perfect this method and that her country is wise enough to continue to fund her research.

Our next meeting was an interview arranged by Anu with Jouko Vähä-Koskela a journalist with the second largest Finnish newspaper, Turun Sanomat. As a reporter he is a specialist in technology and defense issues. His interests included the HAARP project, new weapon systems being deployed around the world and the NeurophonicTM technologies.We shared many of the HAARP documents which prove its weapons capability as the project continues to advance. More-over, we were able to discuss the implications of the "Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA)" being advanced through the development of electromagnetic weapon systems. This concept, the RMA, was first put forward by the United States Army War ‚College. Their thesis, simply put, is that the changes in technology taking place at this time are so profound they can be compared to the introduction of gun powder to the West. They assert that these changes in technology require a change in values and belief systems in order to bring them into general use by the military. They even put forward a plan to change the values of people as a part of their introduction of these new technologies. Is it right to have branches of government (the military in particular) in a position to shift American values? I s this right?

The meeting with Jouko turned to the NeurophoneTM and its potential for learning and hearing. The use of the device as a demonstration of how the body handles electromagnetic energy (in this case ultra sonic sound) served to illustrate some of the points regarding the new technologies. The following day's edition of the newspaper carried the story on HAARP and t¢he NeurophoneTM. It was the lead story and raised some interest at the Russian embassy; they sent representatives over to meet with our sponsors in Helsinki after our departure. We know that the Russians have been developing similar technologies and we have reported on this in past issues of Flashpoints. The fact that they are now aware of the issue, from our perspective, might lead to greater levels of discussion and perhaps a change in direction. What was important was the dialogue among average people which began in the countries we visited. The coverage of these issues by media is changing the status quo.

We next met with Dr. Alexander Kaivarainen, Ph.D. He received his Ph.D from the Moscow Institute of Biophysics, USSR Academy of Science, in 1974 and the degree of Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics from the Scientific and Technical Association in Leningrad in 1989. For over ten years he headed the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics for the Research Center of the USSR Academy of Science.

Dr. Kaivarainen traveled to Helsinki to meet with us to discuss work of mutual interest. His most recent work was culminated in the book Hierarchic Concept of Matter and Field: Water, Biosystems & Elementary Particles which is where Patrick and I first encountered his work. He was sent our way by Dr. Reijo Mäkelä who knew we shared similar interests. Ideas regarding new technologies for solvent and solid analysis was a major part of the discussion. His concepts of matter and energy have resulted in the development of a technology and computer software. This technology is potentially capable of identifying 150 characteristics of a sample by using only four measuring instruments. Basically new combined analyzer of matter properties (CAMP) is elaborated in his theories and invention. This invention could lead to major breakthroughs because, t¿ hrough relatively simple tests performed on substances, a greater amount of information can be gleaned. This invention could have significant impacts on many branches of science and it is our hope that we can bring Dr. Kaivarainen to the United States to work with us in advancing his work and the work of others. We are currently preparing grant applications to facilitate further developments on the NeurophoneTM and increased understanding of environmentally safe sol-vents for use in the printing industry and are hoping to include this fine scientist as a part of the research team.

The next stop was to Munich, Germany where our hosts Robert Thiedemann and Sabine Fechner had arranged a remarkable schedule of presentations and interviews on both Patrick's work and our work on HAARP. We met with a number of representatives of the media from the Netherlands and Germany. We were able to demonstrate the technology and discuss the ramifications of Dr. F¼lanagan's research. We were well received in Germany and believe that the efforts of our hosts in getting this information out was truly incredible.

One of the researchers Robert and Sabine arranged for us to meet is measuring human energy fields using a unique system of Kirlian (high-frequency) photography. H. C. Seidl was using his system to measure the field strength in a person's finger tips. The measurements could be used to diagnose dysfunction in the body by looking at the energy component of the individual as expressed in the photograph. Mr. Seidl, over several years of research, has been able to draw correlations which are quite remarkable. As a tool for health professionals this method of diagnoses may hold promise for many patients. We are hopeful that the work of this individual will advance and that the necessary resources will become available to move forward.

For our readers who may not be aware of Kirlian photography it is best described as a photo-graphic method which captures on film the light energy radiations which emanate from the body. These fields are measurable and indicate the vitality of the living organism or person being photographed. The method has been around for some years but its use for such specific diagnoses is in its infancy as a science. The work of this home inventor again demonstrates the spirit from which many of our technologies have sprung.

In Munich, another companion throughout our stay was Mr. Oswald Bartel, the owner of Biomed E.T.C. He has been collaborating with Dr. Flanagan in the development of a number of special ionized oils for use externally on the body. This technology is similar to some of the research of Drs. Gael Crystal and Patrick Flanagan. In their research, Crystal EnergyTM is used as an additive for drinking water which causes the fluid to be reduced in surface tension and gain a negative netü charge. This increases the efficiency of the water in living systems. Use of the treated water results in increased efficiency in assimilating nutrients and ridding the body of toxic substances. The oils on the other hand are primarily designed for external use. The non-saturated oil is ionized and retains energy better than water because of the structure of atoms in oil. This allows for the release of energy over a longer period of time in a balanced and sustained way. Again, using Kirlian photography, the energy flow can be seen to increase under the influence of ionized oil. The use of ionized oils on the acupuncture points or other parts of the body has been reported to be effective in changing the energy state of the body with positive results. We hope to publish some of Mr. Bartel's research and offer greater access to his technology in coming months. The idea that the external application of oils can resulôt in a sustained exchange of energy in tissue is exciting for uses in pain relief and rebalancing the body in order to alleviate disease.

Our next stop was to Paris to see some of the art and other objects displayed in the Louvre. Patrick particularly wanted to see the pyramids located on the grounds of the museum. While there we saw that the codex of Leonardo de Vinci (purchased by Bill Gates) was on display at the Luxembourg Museum. Several months before I had attempted to gather some information on this document for Patrick because of his long term interest in water. Here it was, on public display, in Paris. The information was wonderful and the in sights of Leonardo de Vinci interesting.

Leaving Paris for the States, the impact of our visit to Europe began to settle in and the realization of the very real opportunity to advance science through publishing became clear. Our focus as an organization ôis even more driven to publish and facilitate the introduction of new ideas for the improvement of humanity. The idea that a few people can change a great deal was never more obvious as it was in this most interesting travel story...on the path of the new scientist.

The concern and interest in all of these topics extends to people around the world. That man has finally begun to make huge leaps in health sciences, learning technologies, and agriculture, yet largely uses these new technologies to create potentially life-destroying systems is the tragedy of our Age. Electromagnetic warfare needs to be beaten into the millennial plowshares of health. We are hopeful that our efforts will be extended again in Europe in either May or June. We are also hopeful that we will see formal actions from the European Parliament on weapons issues and perhaps see further advanc es in technology for the benefit of mankind.

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