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Flash From Zero-Point

Free Energy

by Jeane Manning

Reprinted from Earthpulse Flashpoints, Series 1 Number 2.

Free energy, electricity from space, zero-point energy from the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum of space...Whatever the name of the previously-unknown source of energy that is seemingly tapped by an emerging energy technology, the proof for its existence is multiplying exponentially.

Will the physics books be rewritten before the turn of the century? If small devices are putting out more energy than it takes to run them, then we have to have another look at the scope of the Law of Conservation of Energy. Perhaps a law based on the steam engine needs to be expanded to encompass new inventions. Or maybe the new inventions are not violating the law that says you can't get more out than the amount of energy that goes into a system, because the new inventions are not operating in a closed system because they tap into a previously-unknown sea of energy that surrounds us.

Consider the Patterson Power CellŪ. At the symposium on New Energy held in Denver in April, hosted by the International Association for New Science, physicist Dennis Cravens from Texas demonstrated a working power cell of the variety of devices that are called "cold fusion" devices by others in the field (but not by the inventor James Patterson and his company Clean Energy Technologies Inc.) of Dallas (Tel. 214-982-8340). Their fuel cell uses ordinary light water to provide a new type of water hydrolysis using a lithium electrolyte and nickel/palladium catalyst. This patented system was reported on by ABC-TV's programs "Good Morning America" and Nightline on Feb. 7, 1996. It not only puts out about a thousand times more power than it takes to run it; in addition it continues to run for hours after being unplugged from any input power. What's going on in this little device?

A Canadian couple also say they have made a breakthrough in non-polluting power generation with an invention that delivers more power than it consumes by using pulsed cold plasmas. Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa kept the process a secret until recently, when three US patents were issued. You can look these up through a library: Patent # 5,416,391, issued May 16 1995, "Electromechanical Transduction of Plasma Pulses"; 5,449,989, Sept. 12. 1995; and 5,502,354, March 26, 1996, "Direct Current Energized Pulse Generator Utilizing Autogenous Cyclical Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharges".

Do the other scientists respect Correa's claims? It seems they certainly do. For example, Moray King of Provo, Utah, is a leading researcher of new energy theories and devices. In his speech titled "The Super Tube" he cited four areas of plasma research, including Correa's "Abnormal Glow Discharge." King speculates that a free-running, 2-stage device similar to the historical "radiant energy" invention of T.Henry Moray (Utah, mid-century) can be built with two "super" plasma tubes operating in the abnormal-glow-discharge fashion "and the output rectified onto capacitors which gradually charge to become the mutual input current source for the tubes."

At this point I wonder how much technicalese you readers of Flashpoints want. In my new book, The Coming Energy Revolution, every concept is presented in a simple way because the book is aimed to inform the general public. However, in Flashpoints we can delve deeper into theory or materials if you wish. Feedback, please!

For those of us who gravitate to the people stories, there is plenty of drama in the Energy Revolution. For example, one of the IANS speakers, Gerald Orlowski of Arizona, offers to tell how to build the 50 horsepower "Ro-Mag magnetic motor/generator". It seems that the original inventor, the late Rory Johnson, may have been suppressed in his efforts to give a "free energy unit" to the folks on this planet. He died under what are said to be mysterious circumstances.

In the work that Orlowski is trying to replicate, as well as in other new energy devices, magnetism itself is treated as an energy source that can be directed and controlled.

Which brings us to the work of David Hamel and Pierre Sinclaire, my other fellow Canadians. Jerry Decker of the Dallas-based bulletin board KeelyNet ( or BBS 214-324-3501) highly praised Pierre's presentation in a report from KeelyNet. In contrast to another speaker who did not reveal much in his workshop, Pierre's speech was full of rapid-fire information about the unusual free-energy model that he is building in the Vancouver area with much help from David Hamel of Ontario. David had an experience about 20 years ago and ever since then he's been trying to build a model of the spacecraft that he had experienced. The story is told in a book, The Granite Man and the Butterfly, available from Project Magnet, Box 839, 9037 Royal Street, Fort Langley, B.C. V1M 2S2, Canada. I had the privilege of working with David and Pierre on that book.

George Wiseman is another down-to-earth Canadian, also rated tops as an innovative researcher by KeelyNet. He talked about free-energy circuits he's building to take energy directly from the air. The amount of power he's getting isn't much yet (only one volt accumulated per hour), but it again proves that there is such a thing as free energy. Of course, the hardware isn't free, but once you've paid for some, in this case low-tech, hardware... Knowing George, he will continue to improve his solid-state invention until it is of practical use.

As Jerry Decker points out, in 1926 a Harry E. Perrigo claimed to have discovered a method to tap the energy from the atmosphere. From what I've read, Perrigo even had a car which he converted to run on electricity generated in his "etheric wave accumulator." Perrigo applied for a patent on Dec. 31, 1925, with # 78,715 assigned. How did he slip that past the patent office, or was it before they outlawed what are called "perpetual motion" claims?

Today's energy innovators are a different breed than the perpetual-motion cons of the past (and I'm not putting Perrigo in that category, because I don't know about him...) Anyway, the new materials, knowledge, electronics, super-magnets etc. available to today's inventors have made a new technology possible. Inventors such as George acknowledge that they build on the knowledge of the past heroes, however. For anyone who wishes to contact a practical-minded inventor, George Wiseman has an address across the border in the USA: PO Box 145, Eastport ID 83826-0145.

The topic of HAARP was brought up in the hallways of the IANS conference, and not only by your reporter. Science researcher Al Zielinski of Germany referred to it in his speech, seeing HAARP as a potentially disastrous experiment by people who do not know what forces they are playing with, because they do not understand the supremely powerful energy coiled in the invisible background throughout all space.

There weren't as many speakers from outside North America at this third New Energy symposium, but the fiery physicist Stefan Marinov did come from Austria. He claims to have a free energy device operating now, but did not demonstrate. We're waiting to SEE something, not just hear about it! Stefan is to be commended for his many years of determined effort, trying to get mainstream scientists to look at a new paradigm of energy. After all, we've been using 19th century dirty energy technology for a long time - even nuclear plants boil water to produce steam to run generators.

After the IANS conference, Ede Riesenhuber and I visited Nova Resources Group Inc. in Denver. They make an Electrolytic Thermal Cell, a integrated electrolytic system and a commercial power cogeneration module. The work is going forward, although they do need more investment funding to be able to swing into full manufacture of the safety-assured cold-fusion research units designed by Chip Ransford. I was impressed by the well thought out units and also the people involved in Nova.

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