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Sirius/Proteus Comparison

FEATURES (notes)
# Programs: factory / max. download storage space (1) 22/0 50/199
Completely upgradeable feature set? (2) No Yes 
"Random" program? (3)  Yes   Yes  
Manual control of pulse rate? (4)  Yes  Yes 
LiteFrame™ color (5)  White  Ruby/Emerald 
Computer interface? (6)  No  Yes
Free programming software? (6)  No  Yes
Binaural beats?  (7)  No  Yes
AudioStrobe® decoder? (8)  Yes  Yes+Advanced 
Colorpulse/Micropulse? (9)  Yes  No
BioConnect™  Biofeedback control option? (10)  No  Yes
Session frequency range (11)  0.2-40 hz  0.1-50 hz 


(1)  Sirius includes programs created by Dr. Hans Bittner, based upon his research at the University of Essen.  Proteus includes  many of the highly acclaimed programs from our earlier MindLab, Courier and MasterMind series of machines.   In addition, all Proteus programs are stored in "flash" reprogrammable memory, so you can replace any or all of them as you see fit--a total of 1,500 segments altogether. 

(2)  We are committed to adding new features to Proteus--always for free--you just download them from our website to your PC, then into Proteus.  You'll never need to buy a new mind machine!

(3)  This program is different every time you run it. Proteus Editor’s Randomize function takes this a step further, allowing you to define limits to segment length, frequency, etc., then automatically creates as many random segments as you wish. So your random program may (for example) remain within the alpha range, with segments between 2 and 5 seconds.

(4)  You can set your own light/sound pulse rate in real time.

(5)  Exclusive!  Proteus can control two different colors simultaneously, each with its own brightness and frequency settings.  Over 250 color combinations produce a startling array of visuals and the broadest range of mood shifts of any light/sound technology on the market.  (Patent pending.)  

(6)  Proteus includes a serial connect cable with a DB9 connector so you can use any Windows 98+ PC to create, edit, form session libraries and download them into Proteus. 

(7)  Binaural beats are produced by playing two sine waves at slightly different frequencies in stereo headphones--an additional entrainment feature.  

(8)  AudioStrobe is a technique which embeds light control signals on compact discs (more than 30 titles are available).  Both systems include decoders, but Proteus is the only one with fully active control circuity--for crisper, perfectly synchronized lights and audio program.

(9)  ColorPulse™ converts the beat of music into pulsing light patterns, while MicroPulse does the same thing with the built-in Orion microphone.

(10)  BioConnect™ allows such parameters as pulse rate, color brightness, binaural beat frequency, etc.  to be controlled via biofeedback (such as ThoughtStream).  The most powerful way to experience light and sound! 

(11)  Light/sound pulse rates currently available.  Proteus has the broadest range available anywhere on the market today.


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