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Hemi-Sync : Applications

Wave I - Discovery - CD Package
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Price: $99.00
Awareness;Meditation;Relaxation;Spiritual Development;Problem Solving and Creativity
Discovery introduces the Mind Awake/Body Asleep state (Focus 10) and other "mental tools" to help you experience states of expanded awareness. You are led from your physical waking state into deep relaxation and then into unexplored levels of your consciousness. Discover new potentials in thought and action as your total self becomes your personal gateway into profound forms of perception.
Orientation - Introduction and Focus 3
Intro Focus 10 - establish the state of mind awake/body asleep
Advanced Focus 10 - expand perception and learn greater control of personal energy
Release and Recharge - detach from old fears and negative emotions
Exploration, Sleep - techniques for expanding and exploring while asleep
Focus 10 Free Flow - experiment with all tools learned in Wave I
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